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  • Азамат Мамбетов
    Азамат Мамбетов19 jam yang lalu


  • okdghd
    okdghd19 jam yang lalu

    4:27 thats just like me grappling my weightlifter friend LMAO

  • okdghd
    okdghd19 jam yang lalu

    LMAO at Fedor telling Chael to stand up. he knows his groundwork is too weak for the american gangster. (jk. he probably doesnt like the ground and pound rules, because pummeling a downed opponent was his main weapon)

  • Шрам 001
    Шрам 00120 jam yang lalu

    Ему до Хабиба как раком до луны

  • Paulo César
    Paulo César20 jam yang lalu

    Cadê o gás siglas lima vc erra mas esplosivo

  • Акыл Даулетбаев
    Акыл Даулетбаев20 jam yang lalu

    Не помню что бы Фёдор велосипед крутил

  • OrangeDC5TypeR2005 Acura RSX
    OrangeDC5TypeR2005 Acura RSX20 jam yang lalu

    MoloDeTS Vadim Fedor 3a Tebya OTOMCTILI !!!! Fedor Still Best of ALL TIMES For Sure !!!

  • Glenn Davey
    Glenn Davey20 jam yang lalu

    2:38:50 "AN-GLICKS-KAS"

  • Evpatiy Kolovrat
    Evpatiy Kolovrat20 jam yang lalu

    Вадим, поздравляю с тяжело заработанной победой! ✊

    REAL TALK RADIO LLC21 jam yang lalu


  • Anthony scott
    Anthony scott21 jam yang lalu

    He will be kicking himself Why the hell didn't he take him down early bad game plan 😵

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne21 jam yang lalu

    3 and a half minutes for Chek Congo to throw his very first strike in the fight... crazy

  • Chris Cranston
    Chris Cranston21 jam yang lalu

    He doesn't come close to being on Rushmore via fight skills but he was definitely on there as the most interesting, popular and cool fighter. He looked like a super Punchout character.

  • owensb01
    owensb0121 jam yang lalu

    I see Fedor is a student of the Chuck Liddell end of career course. So far he’s passing.

  • pavel pavel
    pavel pavel21 jam yang lalu

    Мне кажется Вадим проиграл

  • Vibe Toys
    Vibe Toys21 jam yang lalu

    Its like she was purposely trying to open a cut ngl

  • Samuel Szmajda
    Samuel Szmajda21 jam yang lalu

    Why is that guy holding up a Serb flag?

  • John Robbins
    John Robbins21 jam yang lalu

    Thank you Bellator

  • Mark Mac
    Mark Mac21 jam yang lalu

    Clowning is not entertainment. Or maybe it is

    LOL ANIMALS22 jam yang lalu

    41 years? How!

  • Ilya Kulagin
    Ilya Kulagin22 jam yang lalu

    Тяжёлая катка для Вадима! Но он красава, всё выдержал!

  • Roel Rosendo
    Roel Rosendo22 jam yang lalu

    Commentator always say jackson,jackson jackson jackson jackson jackson jackson jackson

  • Pedro Magalhães
    Pedro Magalhães22 jam yang lalu

    Calmaaaa é um lutador a melhorar têm potencial mas para quem me entende têm de melhorar no geral para ser certamente um campeão mas repito têm potencial!

  • Виталий Серебренников
    Виталий Серебренников23 jam yang lalu

    Вадим молодец , поработал отлично , плохо , что ни нокаутом победил. А в остальном полный молодец !!! 👍👍

  • Р Ф
    Р Ф23 jam yang lalu

    Ничего что зрителей полный зал))))???

  • Hooy Wielki
    Hooy Wielki23 jam yang lalu

    Kimbo a legend? ROFL in what universe? He sucked.

  • Nate
    Nate23 jam yang lalu

    Apparently no strikes were landed on Sonnen

  • mr manu
    mr manu23 jam yang lalu

    Chael did you just let fedor win?

  • De La Gringo
    De La Gringo23 jam yang lalu

    Chael’s game plan was executed perfectly

    PYETRO V. DO NASCIMENTO23 jam yang lalu

    Great fight

  • Ashmeet Singh
    Ashmeet Singh23 jam yang lalu


  • агв да
    агв даHari Yang lalu

    Немков не на витаминах???

    PEEK- KA-BOOMHari Yang lalu

    Raymond Daniels Fight at 1:36:16

  • Rafael flaviano
    Rafael flavianoHari Yang lalu

    Nunca q esse tal pitbosta venceu está luta.

  • Te Kaha Broadbent-King
    Te Kaha Broadbent-KingHari Yang lalu

    Big John botched his name

  • Damir Rakovic
    Damir RakovicHari Yang lalu

    This man has quite the fighting style

  • Sssdfggg Лчяххов
    Sssdfggg ЛчяхховHari Yang lalu

    Чет он выдохся, с байденом по уверение был.

  • Andrew Pina
    Andrew PinaHari Yang lalu

    Number 5 on this list is the wackest one

  • Marc Jefferson R Celestra
    Marc Jefferson R CelestraHari Yang lalu

    Im squimish but i dont look away :3

  • Adrenaline
    AdrenalineHari Yang lalu

    Вадим, стальные яйца!)))

  • Michael M.
    Michael M.Hari Yang lalu

    If you put the speed of the fight to 1.25 this actually was a great fight to watch.

  • Saša Ivanović
    Saša IvanovićHari Yang lalu

    Otreso ga ko seljak bale

  • Toto Alik
    Toto AlikHari Yang lalu

    🇷🇺❤️✝️🇬🇷,Вадим, поздравляем вас 🇷🇺❤️✝️🇬🇷,

  • Austin P
    Austin PHari Yang lalu

    Hopefully many more of these ahead for "mouthy" 🤣😂🤣

  • Matt H
    Matt HHari Yang lalu

    I've got to agree with Chael that he would have been champion had he been in the organization in Tito/Liddel era UFC. He is damn impressive. That loss to Anderson still turns my stomach.

  • Marshall
    MarshallHari Yang lalu

    More Raymond Davis. He’s my favorite anime character. Bruce MF Lee in the flesh

  • Chill
    ChillHari Yang lalu

    What was that name of the drama show after this event? Anyone? It’s about people and troubled situations they get into.

  • Jupiter Eye
    Jupiter EyeHari Yang lalu

    It took Fedor 6 seconds to drop Cheal. Then as soon as Cheal got up it took another 5 seconds to drop him down again. I mean... to say that he outclassed him is an understatement.

  • Late to the Game
    Late to the GameHari Yang lalu

    The twister at 0:50 was killer. Literally, it looked like he broke his neck!

  • Almost nothing
    Almost nothingHari Yang lalu

    34:52 Best KO of the night

  • Jason Lopez
    Jason LopezHari Yang lalu

    Nemkov is a very talented fighter.

  • Half Blood
    Half BloodHari Yang lalu

    fitch heel hook tapped before and after submission is the rarest above all.

  • Brian Zahm
    Brian ZahmHari Yang lalu

    1:56:00 Who does the Math for Bellator? 69+14+26=109, not 119!

  • Ginga-dna
    Ginga-dnaHari Yang lalu

    Why is Larry wheels here 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Blatner
    Chris BlatnerHari Yang lalu

    Lolol ken totally got kneed in the balls 🤣🤣😊

  • Herval Alan
    Herval AlanHari Yang lalu


  • YourBestMate Jye
    YourBestMate JyeHari Yang lalu

    Jake would slap this fool up

  • Suhan Nazar
    Suhan NazarHari Yang lalu

    dawletjan yagshimuradow 👍👍👍👍🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

  • Scott Kron
    Scott KronHari Yang lalu

    23:02 I have never laughed harder 🤣🤣🤣

  • phillip hanna
    phillip hannaHari Yang lalu

    Tall balled ref is garbage

  • Scott Kron
    Scott KronHari Yang lalu

    I can’t let you get close

  • Joseph Gottschalk
    Joseph GottschalkHari Yang lalu

    The ref looks like Adam Sandler

  • Knights Sharjah
    Knights SharjahHari Yang lalu

    old already machida

  • wesker19902
    wesker19902Hari Yang lalu

    Davis should've done damage with the ground and pound and stole the last round instead of trying for a submission in the last minute 🤙🏾💯💪🏾

  • Fredy Usuga
    Fredy UsugaHari Yang lalu

    Eso fue un robo gano douglas no vieron como le dejo la pierna musassi

  • wesker19902
    wesker19902Hari Yang lalu

    He just got his # it happens 💯🤙🏾

  • Yao Ming 11
    Yao Ming 11Hari Yang lalu

    Beltron know is the boss of the hw division in bkfc

  • Zhongguo Wu Xue
    Zhongguo Wu XueHari Yang lalu

    I guess trash talking don't win fights

  • Haz1nr 42
    Haz1nr 42Hari Yang lalu

    1- 18:10 2- 41:45 3- 1:18:40 4- 1:57:14

  • Brian Zahm
    Brian ZahmHari Yang lalu

    ...........and Jay Jay Wilson wins by strikes to the back of the head!!!! Then the announcer says he has "good fight IQ". Hilarious.

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter LmHari Yang lalu


  • Philip Ponikvar
    Philip PonikvarHari Yang lalu

    What tore in walkers knee?

  • Frankie hitman26
    Frankie hitman26Hari Yang lalu

    Frito ortiz is such a tool. Him and his fractured skull

  • Rodrigo marculino
    Rodrigo marculinoHari Yang lalu

    Fgts goldnest fiigf svjsdvhv dss hoje fgts ndcbjb

  • Sindou Coulibaly
    Sindou CoulibalyHari Yang lalu

    I like they way I bit his opponents up like a king

  • Mag Neto
    Mag NetoHari Yang lalu

    Von Flue choke ain't no joke

  • Daksh Dikshant
    Daksh DikshantHari Yang lalu

    He legit gave him Jordan’s logo on middle of his god damn forehead.

  • Oleg Oakley
    Oleg OakleyHari Yang lalu

    What kind of bs judges! Julia lost clearly. They stole well deserved victory from the newcomer Silva. Julia was passive, meek, stiff and rigid and lazy. She didn't deserve it.

  • Судья ДРЕД
    Судья ДРЕДHari Yang lalu

    Немков продул.

  • Thiago Santos
    Thiago SantosHari Yang lalu

    Que luta mais feia slc